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<events id="LEAGUE_ID" ut="DATE_OF_LAST_UPDATE" sport="WHICH_SPORT" template="TEMPLATE NAME" tournament="SEASON" league="LEAGUE NAME"> <event id="EVENT_ID" name="EVENT NAME" date="STARTTIME" round="ROUND" status="EVENT STATUS"> <results participantid="PARTICIPANT A ID" participantname="PARTICIPANT A NAME"> <result id="RESULT ID" type="RESULT TYPE" value="RESULT VALUE"/> </results> <results participantid="PARTICIPANT B ID" participantname="PARTICIPANT B NAME"> <result id="RESULT ID" type="RESULT TYPE" value="RESULT VALUE"/> </results> <incidents participantid="PARTICIPANT A ID" participantname="PARTICIPANT A NAME"> <incident id="INCIDENT ID" type="INCIDENT TYPE" playerid="PLAYER ID" player="PLAYER NAME" elapsed="MINUTE FOR INCIDENT" incident_typeFK="INCIDENT TYPE ID"/> </incidents> <incidents participantid="PARTICIPANT B ID" participantname="PARTICIPANT B NAME"> <incident id="INCIDENT ID" type="INCIDENT TYPE" playerid="PLAYER ID" player="PLAYER NAME" elapsed="MINUTE FOR INCIDENT" incident_typeFK="INCIDENT TYPE ID"/> </incidents> </event> </events> Incidents are only available for football and icehockey (and cards in some Handball leagues)

Soccer example

<events id="820745" ut="2011-01-07" sport="Football" template="England Premier League" tournament="2010/2011" league="Premier League"> <event id="839803" name="Sunderland-Birmingham" date="2010-08-14 16:00:00" round="1" status="Finished" gamestarted="2010-08-14 16:00:55" secondhalfstarted="2010-08-14 17:04:29"> <results participantid="8472" participantname="Sunderland"> <result id="7941426" type="ordinarytime" value="2"/> <result id="8382635" type="finalresult" value="2"/> <result id="8381782" type="halftime" value="1"/> <result id="7941428" type="runningscore" value="2"/> </results> <results participantid="8658" participantname="Birmingham"> <result id="7941427" type="ordinarytime" value="2"/> <result id="8382636" type="finalresult" value="2"/> <result id="8381783" type="halftime" value="0"/> <result id="7941429" type="runningscore" value="2"/> </results> <incidents participantid="8472" participantname="Sunderland"> <incident id="1404304" type="Penalty" playerid="23949" player="Darren Bent" elapsed="24" incident_typeFK="8"/> <incident id="1404313" type="Yellow card" playerid="25150" player="Lee Cattermole" elapsed="28" incident_typeFK="14"/> <incident id="1404324" type="Yellow card" playerid="30352" player="Kieran Richardson" elapsed="30" incident_typeFK="14"/> <incident id="1404404" type="Yellow card 2" playerid="25150" player="Lee Cattermole" elapsed="44" incident_typeFK="15"/> <incident id="1404501" type="Own goal" playerid="24226" player="Stephen Carr" elapsed="56" incident_typeFK="10"/> <incident id="1404596" type="Yellow card" playerid="23949" player="Darren Bent" elapsed="67" incident_typeFK="14"/> </incidents> <incidents participantid="8658" participantname="Birmingham"> <incident id="1404298" type="Yellow card" playerid="24226" player="Stephen Carr" elapsed="24" incident_typeFK="14"/> <incident id="1404639" type="Yellow card" playerid="34193" player="Roger Johnson" elapsed="71" incident_typeFK="14"/> <incident id="1404745" type="Regular goal" playerid="23837" player="Scott Dann" elapsed="78" incident_typeFK="7"/> <incident id="1404894" type="Regular goal" playerid="23787" player="Liam Ridgewell" elapsed="88" incident_typeFK="7"/> <incident id="1404875" type="Yellow card" playerid="25075" player="Craig Gardner" elapsed="90" incident_typeFK="14"/> </incidents> </event> </events>

Tennis example

<events id="822601" ut="2011-01-07" sport="Tennis" template="WTA" tournament="2011" league="Brisbane International"> <event id="962496" name="Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova-Alla Kudryavtseva" date="2011-01-02 03:45:00" round="4013" status="Finished"> <results participantid="49048" participantname="Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova"> <result id="9044733" type="finalresult" value="won"/> <result id="9044517" type="set1" value="6"/> <result id="9044613" type="set2" value="6"/> <result id="9044697" type="set3" value="6"/> <result id="9041247" type="setswon" value="2"/> <result id="9041246" type="runningscore" value="2"/> <result id="9044698" type="tiebreak2" value="5"/> </results> <results participantid="48799" participantname="Alla Kudryavtseva"> <result id="9044734" type="finalresult" value="lost"/> <result id="9044518" type="set1" value="2"/> <result id="9044614" type="set2" value="7"/> <result id="9044699" type="set3" value="3"/> <result id="9041249" type="setswon" value="1"/> <result id="9041248" type="runningscore" value="1"/> <result id="9044700" type="tiebreak2" value="7"/> </results> </event> </events>

Biathlon example

<events id="821218" ut="2011-01-07" sport="Biathlon" template="World Cup" tournament="2010/2011" league="Oberhof"> <event id="873012" name="4 x 6 km Relay" date="2011-01-06 19:30:00" round="8001 - 1/1 (Final)" status="Finished"> <results participantid="43574" participantname="Sweden"> <result id="9066491" type="rank" value="1"/> <result id="9066488" type="duration" value="1:17:53.1"/> <result id="9066540" type="points" value="60"/> <result id="9066487" type="startnumber" value="6"/> <result id="9066489" type="missed_shots" value="1"/> <result id="9066490" type="additional_shots" value="8"/> </results> <results participantid="43487" participantname="France"> <result id="9066498" type="rank" value="2"/> <result id="9066495" type="duration" value="+52.3"/> <result id="9066541" type="points" value="54"/> <result id="9066494" type="startnumber" value="5"/> <result id="9066496" type="missed_shots" value="3"/> <result id="9066497" type="additional_shots" value="9"/> </results> <results> ... ... </results> </event> </events>

Rounds in tennis

The values for the "Round" value are the draw order together with the round number, the last 3 digits in the property is the draw order and first digit is our representation of the round number.

Example of draw order using metadata.

eventID TennisRound_Number Round Draw order
3598692001   21Roger Federer-Teimuraz Gabashvili. First match in the official draw
3599322064   264Mardy Fish-Rafael Nadal. Last match in the draw
The next round
3665133001   31Roger Federer-Juan Martin del Potro. First order in official draw
3665493032   332Werner Eschauer-Rafael Nadal. Last match in the official draw
The final would then be
3783178001   81Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal

The first number is the round number specified as follows:

The last event (i.e. the final) in a tennis tournament is round 8, semi finals are 7, quarter finals 6 etc. Furthermore, 9 is for Round Robin matches, where 94XX is 1/16, 95XX is quarter-finals and 96XX is semi-finals. Davis Cup is: 10501-08 (1st round), 10601-04 (1/4)…10701-02(1/2)….10801 (final). World team Cup is: 11701-11706 1-6 match.

Number of participants can be derived from our "Round number" using this formula


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