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fixture status 'Not started', 'Postponed', 'Abandoned', 'Kick Off Delayed', 'Cancelled'
event status 'Finished', 'Finished AET', 'Finished AP', 'Finished AGG', 'Finished ASG', 'Finished after overtime', 'Finished OT', 'Finished AEI', 'Finished after awarded win'
liveevent status '1st half', '2nd half', 'Penalty', 'Golden Goal - 1st half', 'Extra Time - 1st half', 'Extra Time - 2nd half', 'Halftime', 'Interrupted', 'Waiting for extra time', 'Waiting for golden goal', 'NO INFO YET', 'Golden Goal - 2nd half', 'Waiting for Penalty', 'Waiting for Silver Goal', 'Silver Goal - 1st Half', 'Silver Goal - 2nd Half', 'Sudden Death', 'Overtime - 1st half', 'Overtime - 2nd half', 'Halftime', '1st period', '2nd period', '3rd period', 'Pause', 'Penalty', 'Started', 'Excluded', '1st Quarter', 'Active', 'Withdrawn', 'Excluded', 'Overtime', '2nd Quarter', '3rd Quarter', '4th Quarter', '2nd Quarter', '3rd Quarter', '4th Quarter', 'To Finish', '1st Round Started', '1st Round Finished', '2nd Round Started', '2nd Round Finished', '3rd Round Started', '3rd Round Finished', '4th Round Started', '4th Round Finished', '5th Round Started', '5th Round Finished', 'Play-off Started', 'Deactive', 'Penalty', 'Sudden Death', 'Waiting for Overtime', 'Waiting for Penalty', 'Deleted', 'Top 1st', 'Bottom 1st', 'End 1st', 'Top 2nd', 'Bottom 2nd', 'End 2nd', 'Top 3rd', 'Bottom 3rd', 'End 3rd', 'Top 4th', 'Bottom 4th', 'End 4th', 'Top 5th', 'Bottom 5th', 'End 5th', 'Top 6th', 'Bottom 6th', 'End 6th', 'Top 7th', 'Bottom 7th', 'End 7th', 'Top 8th', 'Bottom 8th', 'End 8th', 'Top 9th', 'Bottom 9th', 'End 9th', 'Top EI', 'Bottom EI', 'N/A', 'Stumps - Day 1', 'Stumps - Day 2', 'Stumps - Day 3', 'Stumps - Day 4', 'Stumps - Day 5', '1st Inning Started', '1st Inning Finished', '2nd Inning Started', 'Lunch break', AND the fixture/event statuses above as well
result type 'Ordinary time', 'Extra time', 'Penalty Shootout', 'Final Result', 'Halftime', 'Running score', 'Strokes 1st round', 'Strokes 2nd round', 'Strokes 3rd round', 'Strokes 4th round', 'Strokes 5th round', 'Par', 'Position', 'Made cut', 'Match Play Score', 'Weight', 'Period 1', 'Period 2', 'Period 3', 'Quarter 1', 'Quarter 2', 'Quarter 3', 'Quarter 4', 'Set 1', 'Set 2', 'Set 3', 'Set 4', 'Set 5', 'Won sets', 'Tiebreak 1', 'Tiebreak 2', 'Tiebreak 3', 'Tiebreak 4', 'Tiebreak 5', 'Game score', 'Set 6', 'Set 7', 'Rank', 'Duration', 'Points', 'Distance', 'Comment', 'Laps', 'Laps behind', 'Pitstops', 'Inning 1', 'Inning 2', 'Inning 3', 'Inning 4', 'Inning 5', 'Inning 6', 'Inning 7', 'Inning 8', 'Inning 9', 'Extra inning', 'Hits', 'Errors', 'Misses', 'Horse Racing Odds', 'Startnumber', 'Medal', 'Missed shots', 'Additional shots', 'Tries', '4s points', '6s points', 'Overs', 'Extras', 'Wickets'
incident type 'Regular goal', 'Penalty', 'Missed penalty', 'Own goal', 'Penalty shootout missed', 'Penalty shootout scored', 'Undefined', 'Yellow card', 'Yellow card 2', 'Red card', 'Undefined', 'Extratime Goal', 'Extratime missed penalty', 'Substitution out', 'Power Play goal', 'Short Handed goal', '2 min suspension', '5 min suspension', '10 min suspension', 'Match Penalty', 'Game Misconduct', 'Extratime penalty scored', 'Disqualification', 'Exclusion', 'Scoring statistics', 'Substitution in', 'Cancelled Goal', 'Assist', 'Assist 2nd', '2 Point Conversion', 'Field goal', 'Safety', 'Touchdown', 'Extra Point', 'Extratime own goal'


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