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How it works

We provide the sports data you need

You need live sports data, maybe for your mobile app, livescore site, sports game, online media, etc. We have the data you need in XML format. This gives you the freedom to implement a completely custom solution. We do not dictate how your app should look like or how it should work.

The concept

After you have registered an account, you can select the data you need. You will receive an order confirmation with links to your XML files. These XML files contain information, but they are not (normally) ready for display directly on a web page. You need to setup your server to download the files regularly to your server. Then you develop your app or site, so that it shows what you want from the XML files.

What we cover

The data may only be useful to you if it has enough information. You can see exactly what we cover for your leagues. On the page where you select your leagues, you can move the mouse over the icon in the left side of the table. There you can verify that we cover what you need.

What you get

In your order confirmation email, you will receive links to XML files. These files are available 15 minutes after you place your order. The files contain information such as fixtures, results, standings, incidents, etc. We continously update your XML files, so you always have up-to-date information about the sports events you need. The following table describes the contents of each XML file, with a link to the documentation of that file.

File Description Updated
live.xmlEvents which have started less than 12 hours ago and will start in less than 24 hours.Live (1)
result.xmlAll the results for finished events.Every 15 minutes
fixture.xmlAll the fixture data for events that have not started.Every 15 minutes
standing.xmlStanding tables (where available).Every 15 minutes
topscorer.xmlThe topscorer list (where available).Every 15 minutes

(1) Note: Live means that data is updated during the match (rather than after the match has finished). Live does not mean that data is updated instantly. For less popular sports and leagues, there can be a longer delay. See the following section for more details about data quality.

Data quality

With reasonable prices, occasional mistakes are unavoidable, but our Rechecks team constantly verify data even when no one notifies us of a problem. This means that if something is not correct in your data, it will normally get corrected after a while.

Above, you can see how often your XML files are updated. The speed of live updates depends on how high profile the match is. A qualified guess is that a 10-15 seconds delay may be typical for football, and that the delay could be up to approximately 120 seconds in certain circumstances for minor leagues. Tennis is not often slower than a 30 second delay. For other sports we provide score updates at certain intervals during a match, typically every 2-5 mins. If the update frequency is important to you, consider buying one league for one month to see if our speed suits your needs.

Develop your custom solution

You cannot simply link to the XML files, you have to download the XML files to your server and show the data in the way you want. The XML format can be used by all modern programming languages and platforms. Our documentation should provide the information you need to develop your solution. To get started quickly, you may want to dive straight in and look at XML examples. To help you get started, we provide a step-by-step tutorial which should guide you through everything you need to know. To keep prices down, we do not offer help with programming or server setup, but your question may be answered in our FAQ.

Manage your subscription

When you have registered, you can access the admin area. When logged in, you have the following options on the left:

  • My Profile: In this area you can view or edit your contact details. Any change in contact information needs to be reported here as soon as possible.
  • My Current Subscriptions: Here you can easily manage your subscriptions. Your selections are automatically stored and with one click you can renew these at any time. You can also add/remove sports and/or leagues from your current subscription. Any items removed from your subscription, however, will first come into effect once the current subscription period has expired.
    Depending on the duration of your subscription a notification will be sent out to your registered e-mail address once your subscription period is about to elapse. Make sure to take note of this so you do not miss any updates to your data.
  • My Past Subscriptions: Check this space for an overview of your past subscriptions. You can easily add any past selections to your subscription by clicking "Re-new".

What if I need assistance?

See our FAQ.

Using LiveScoreShop should be simple and we have designed our service to be as straight-forward and hassle-free as possible. Should you, however, experience problems with our data which cannot be resolved by following the instructions given on this site you can contact support@livescoreshop.com . We encourage you, however, to read our documentation thoroughly before e-mailing us for support. Extraordinary help in setting up our service is available at an hourly support rate determined by LiveScoreShop.


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