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Last Updated: June 2014

Information we collect

Contact information
We ask for your address, country and telephone number because it is a requirement from our payment acquirer, Valitor. Without asking for this information, we would not be able to receive payments online. Your contact information is useful to us because we can contact you if there are problems with payment. We ask for your email address so that we can send an order confirmation and details about your order. Your email address will also be used if you forget your password.

We ask for the IP address of a server so that we can restrict who has access to your XML files. This is also the primary reason why you may want to login, so that you can change which IP address is allowed to access your XML files.

Site usage
Like many other sites, we use Google Analytics. Google Analytics helps us to analyze how our site is used. We do not use information specifically about you, we use statistics about the general usage of our site. As an example, the statistics may show that 50000 people accessed the contact page and we can thus focus our effort on making it easier to contact us.

Cookies are used to remember your login status. Without this, you would have to login very frequently (every time you click a link) which would be annoying.

When you write to our support email, your message is stored in our ticket system. We store it so we can more easily see previous communication when you contact us.

Information we share

We will not share any information about you to third parties without your consent. As they say, there are no rules without exceptions; if we are required to by law, we may be compelled to comply.

This is very rare but you may be unable to pay with your credit card or there may be other payment problems. Typically you would contact your bank and ask why a payment did not go through. We can assist by sending information about the transaction to your bank or a similar organisation, so your consent could be useful in that case.


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